Soup Luncheon Event Gallery

Starting in 2016 we decided to try something new and added an Annual Soup & Chili Luncheon to our winter events. It was an enormous success and we'd like to share our photo experiences with you. We had a wonderful time and we're pretty sure the patrons enjoyed it too.

We have a variety of soups and chilis all hand made and donated by many members of the community as well as homemade deserts and some ice cold beverages. We thank all of our donators and volunteers that helped make this new event a huge success!

  • soup-lunch-2016-1
  • soup-lunch-2016-2
  • soup-lunch-2016-5
  • soup-lunch-2016-4
  • soup-lunch-2016-6
  • soup-lunch-2016-7
  • soup-lunch-2016-8
  • soup-lunch-2016-9
  • soup-lunch-2016-10
  • soup-lunch-2016-11
  • soup-lunch-2016-12
  • soup-lunch-2016-13
  • soup-lunch-2016-14
  • soup-lunch-2016-15
  • soup-lunch-2016-16
  • soup-lunch-2016-17
  • soup-lunch-2016-20
  • soup-lunch-2016-21
  • soup-lunch-2016-22
  • soup-lunch-2016-23
  • soup-lunch-2016-24
  • soup-lunch-2016-25
  • soup-lunch-2016-26
  • soup-lunch-2016-27
  • soup-lunch-2016-28
  • soup-lunch-2016-29
  • soup-lunch-2016-30