NBLC Thanks You!

Throughout the years North Baldwin Literacy Council has received generous grants, donations and products from businesses and the general public.  These donations of all kinds help to further the education of someone that may not have the means to do so on their own.  We’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge all these wonderful organizations and people.

North Baldwin Literacy Council appreciates all the possibilities that the community provides and would like to recognize those businesses that allow us to branch our needs to the locals by giving us the opportunity to place a coin donation box upon their business counters.  Each box helps provide locals the opportunity to give even the smallest amount of change to the NBLC and every single one of them makes a difference.  Thanks to all of you that help us in this way!

North Baldwin Literacy Council would like to thank all of its Business Sponsors for their generosity in grants, donations and sponsorships of our various events.  Your support in many ways is the backbone of what helps to keep this program alive.  We couldn’t do it without you!

North Baldwin Literacy Council would also like to give a heart felt thanks for all the donations we have received from the general public through mail, our website and events.  Your donations go a long way in helping to keep this program going so more people can learn the fundamental skills needed to be able to further their education or even just to read the labels on a product. We that can already read and write, take for granted the every day struggles that those without literacy skills have to combat each day. NBLC is extremely grateful for all of your donations which help to alleviate this struggle with literacy of so many people within our local community.